Discover the several, different countries and regions in Europe, and get an impression of our unlimited offers of travel possibilities. Together with you, we can compose your ideal motorcycle trip. Plan your trip, just the way you prefer.

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  As the weather in Holland is getting gloomier and darker by the day, the sun still shines in the south of Spain. Get out and take off for a while, before it gets really cold in Holland? Make a trip to Andalucia, and enjoy this amazing region o

  ROMANTISCHE STRASSE   Germany, the great motorcycle country. It’s the country of the BMW and the German Autobahn. You can drive as fast as you want and this country also has the Nürburgring. These are great features of Germany, but not ex

Take off for a while? A week? A few weeks? A couple of days, or just one day? Everything is possible in Holland. There are just a few people who know how beautiful this country is. You are not committed to travel very far for a nice motorcycle journe

“Bienvenue” France is the second largest country of Europe and sparsely populated. This makes it perfect for us motorcyclists. Just imagine riding over the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Massif Central. Hairpin bends and long tours alongside beautiful river

Accompany us on the Ferry IJmuiden Newcastle, that will take us to the Highlands of Scotland. We will visit these highlands passing through Edinburgh on our stunning V-Twin Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Scotland is a very diverse country with polite